Tube Launch Full Review – Is Tube Launch a Scam?

Hello and Welcome to Real Work! Home Jobs! my name is Michael and I’m here to give you my full review of Tube Launch System. I have done extensive research on this program, and I guess your question would be is Tube Launch a scam?

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Tube Launch Review

I have gotten alot of emails about this product being a scam. I have done a full research on this Tube Launch scam that has been floating around. Supposedly the Tube Launch program is supposed to teach you how easy it is to make money online by simply uploading videos on Youtube. The first thing I got to tell you right off is from my experience of internet marketing you’re not going to make money by simply uploading videos to Youtube. There is alot behind uploading videos to you tube, and you have to understand how it works, and this product won’t really show you the detailed steps it takes to upload videos. Understand that you can really leverage making videos to drive lots of traffic, leads, and sales, but you have develop and practice the special skills that will make you money online, and it’s not just an easy process of just throwing videos on youtube. I highly recommend on not buying this product.

Tube Launch Pro’s

I really don’t have any Pro’s for this product, and if your searching the internet for reviews on this product and come across positive reviews it’s simply the people that have the positive reviews are just trying to scam you into buying it because this program is a Clickbank product. Keep your money in your pockets!!

Tube Launch Con’s

I can go on and on about the con’s of this product. I’m not here to bash the program, so I’ll just keep my negatives short. My first problem is the content of the product it is definitely aimed at total beginners. I don’t see anyone learning a thing with the limited content.

There is a lot of useless videos to make it seem like you got your money’s worth, but half the videos are a waste of time. The videos basicly go over information that even Newbies even know.

So is Tube Launch a scam? I wouldn’t say it is a total scam, but I wouldn’t waste my money on it because it is really filled with useless information and videos that are really just basic training.

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